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Bangkok Hospital Medical Center, Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok Hospitals first medical campus situated in Soi Soonvijai was inaugurated by a group of 40 medical practitioners and pharmacists, including a team of nurses administering the 100 bed-facility in 1972.

          Today, Bangkok Hospital Group is the kingdoms largest hospital operator with 13 network locations throughout Thailand. Each facility offers specialized medical treatments, staffed with multidisciplinary teams of highly trained specialists and the worlds renowned hospitality and graciousness of the Thai people.

          The flagship of the largest private hospital chain in Thailand, Bangkok Hospital Medical Center meets several criterias that make it one of the World’s Best Hospitals for Medical Tourists. Individual hospitals of the medical center in Bangkok include the distinguished Bangkok Heart Hospital, Bangkok International Hospital, and Wattanosoth Cancer Hospital. The hospital lists qualified medical travel companies on its website and operates a network of representatives.It is an internationally-accredited hospital with different specializations. It is the biggest private hospital in Southeast Asia with 554 beds and 30 specialty centers. It serves over a million patients every year, around 40 percent of which are foreigners. It has taken the effort to digitize its records, investing a substantial sum to integrate its medical records, pharmacy, laboratories and other departments in the hospital. It also has an American-style of managing things. The hospital also provides English-speaking representatives to ensure the smooth flow of communication between hospital staff and patients.

Achievements and Accreditations

-       Achieving Jont Commission International accreditation ( the gold standard for top-level healthcare service providers worldwide) is not only an internal milestone, but also one for Thailand as a center of medical excellence. It officially recognizes that the practices of our doctors, nurses, medical assistants and the management team at Bangkok Hospital meet or exceed the standards of medical facilities in the US.

-       Bangkok Hospital has received Disease or Condition-Specific Certification (DCSC) certification in the following areas:

Acute Coronary Syndrome
Heart Failure Program
Breast Cancer Conserving Therapy Program
Primary Stroke Center

Anadolu Medical Center-Istanbul, Turkey

Anadolu Foundation was founded in 1979 by İzzet Özilhan and Kamil Yazıcı, who expressed their point of departure as “Above all, belief and determination … followed by toil and sweat … We wanted to demonstrate our gratitude to and share our success with the people of Anatolia, who, like ourselves, have committed themselves to this work.”
          Anadolu Medical Center offers qualified medical personnel approved by international authorities. It is a leading institution of oncology through its Bone Marrow Transplant Center. It offers cutting-edge technology and strives to continuously improve itself through its partnership with Johns Hopkins. It ensures comfort to its patients and their families through a hotel located right inside the hospital.
          Anadolu Medical Center aims to provide all the essential health services required through a life time, all united, from hospital services to healthy life and rehabilitation center, from nursing home to hospice, from college of nursing to a research laboratory.
The center is a unique health complex located away from the noise and the hassle of the city of Istanbul where patients can be treated in a relaxed setting. The center is on the E-5 highway, before the Bayramoglu exit, located on 42 acres (171120 m2) piece of land.
          The patient rooms are homey, and comfortable with a beautiful sea view. Patient bed capacity is 209. There is an intensive care unit consisting of 59 beds and 8 operating rooms. The parking lot holds over 300 vehicles. Lighting, spaciousness, sea view, a manmade pond, natural plant life environment, abundance of green trees are part of the well thought details for a positive effect on patient care and treatment duration.


  • ISO 9001 - 2008 Quality Management System
  • JCI (Joint Commission International) Accreditation
  • Having met European Society of Medical Oncology’s criteria successfully, Anadolu Medical Center was found eligible for the renewal of its ESMO accreditation

Clemenceau Medical Center, Beirut, Lebanon

Clemenceau Medical Center is one of the top private hospitals in Lebanon. It opened in February 2006 in the heart of Beirut and is an ultra-modern facility designed to serve patients from Lebanon and the Middle East.
The hospital has a major drawback because it is located in a volatile part of the world. But if you can look past the war-torn images of the city and simply judge the quality of health care, then Clemenceau Medical Center in Beirut is one of the best in the world.  It boasts of 106 beds and first class services similar to a top hotel. It has all the modern entertainment amenities, from satellite television programming to fast Internet access. It has 16 ICU beds and four NICU beds. All these come in private rooms equipped with the most advanced medical technology. Nurse-to-patient ratio in the intensive care units stands at 1:1.  It has nine operating theaters with provisions for video teleconferencing in case there is a need to consult with specialists from anywhere in the world. The hospital has ties with Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. Clemenceau Medical Center houses all the specialty branches and offers a completely film-less digital medical imaging environment, and has built and equipped the most modern 9 Operating Theaters in the world complemented by advanced laparoscopy and OR automation systems, which in turn, provide real-time video tele-conferencing from any Operating Theater with the main auditorium and the outside world.

Joint Commission International Accreditation

First Accredited: January 2009
Re-Accredited: January 2012

Points of Pride

  • 4th Women's Health Symposuim in collaboration with Johns Hopkins International (2012)
  • Hosted JHI Partners Forum 2011
  • Medical Travel Quality Alliance's Top Ten Best Hospitals for Medical Tourists (2010)
  • Hospital Build Middle East Awards: Highly Commended for Best Hospital Building Regulations & Best Sustainable Hospital Project (2010); Best Facilities Management Service Strategy Award & Best Sustainable Hospital Design Award; Highly Commended for Best Hospital Design & Best Interior Design (2009)
  • Arab Health Awards: Highly Commended Seal of Distinction - Specialist Achievement Award - Information Technology (2009)

Fortis Hospital, Bangalore, India

          The hospital center  has a focused approach on providing critical medical and surgical care, making it one of the largest critical care facilities in Bangalore. Each specialty has leading full-time consultants, backed by comprehensive, best-in-class technology and allied, well-trained para-medical staff to provide world-class services, including 24/7 emergency services.
          Fortis has been the leading pharmaceutical and healthcare company in India for the past four decades. It prides itself in patient-centered care that is blended with clinical expertise and the use of modern technology. In particular, it offers excellent surgical options for those seeking orthopedic procedures, such as hip resurfacing and replacement. It also has excellent follow up care and services even for foreign patients residing outside of India.


  • Fortis Hospital Bangalore is Number One of the MTQUA Top 10, World’s Best Hospitals ™ (Medical, Travel & Health Tourism Quality Alliance), for hospitals that provide medical treatment and care of the highest quality with the most advanced technology.
  • Accredited by the US-based Joint Commission International (JCI).
  • India’s 5th largest Pharmaceutical and Healthcare company with a presence in 20 countries across the globe.
  • National Accreditation Board for Hospital and Healthcare providers (NABH) accreditations to our Wockhardt Hospitals in the Saurashtra and Central India Region.
  • Agreement with Harvard Medical International, Boston, USA, an exclusive, long term agreement whereby Wockhardt has access to Harvard’s expertise and experience in the fields of surgery, other Medicare services, as well as in setting up and developing hospitals of excellence throughout the world.

Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore

Gleneagles Hospital, opened in 1959, is one of Singapore's largest private hospitals. Gleneagles Hospital is a private tertiary acute care hospital located right next to the Singapore Botanic Gardens on the border of the Orchard Road shopping belt. It is a regional centre for medical referrals for the Parkway Health group.

Gleneagles Hospital today is a 380-bed private tertiary acute care hospital with 164 consulting suites, a cardiac centre, a cancer centre called Parkway Cancer Centre @ Gleneagles, a coronary care unit, an in-vitro fertilisation centre and an eye centre. It offers a full range of medical and surgical specialities and sub-specialties. In 1998, Gleneagles entered into a joint venture with Akira Wu and Nippon Meden Pte Ltd to set up clinics for the Japanese expatriate community in Singapore through a company called Nippon Medical Care Pte Ltd. In the same year, Gleneagles Hospital also began offering home healthcare services for patients wishing to recuperate at home.

          Over the years, the hospital has continued to invest heavily in the latest and the best medical equipment. It is equipped with the latest diagnostic imaging systems such as linear accelerators, cancer therapy systems, planning systems and simulators, angiographic systems and a magnetic resonance imager. To facilitate the development of medical, nursing and technical education and research in Singapore and the region, Gleneagles Hospital has tie-ups with well-known institutions across the world: the Johns Hopkins University and Hospital in the Unites States; the Thames Valley University in the United Kingdom; Curtin University of Technology; and La Trobe University in Australia. The hospital also set up a teleconference link in 1995 with Johns Hopkins University and Hospital for doctors and patients seeking clarifications or second opinions from doctors based there. Gleneagles Hospital won the National Training Award (Service Category) in November 2000 and was also awarded the People Developer Standard in the same year.


  • First hospital in Southeast Asia to perform a living donor liver transplant (LDLT) for children.
  • First hospital in Asia to successfully perform closure of atrial septal defects using the amplatz occluder.
  • First hospital in Asia to successfully perform laparoscopic assisted ventricular peritoneal placement on a newborn.
  • First hospital in Southeast Asia to use the state-of-the-art robotic surgiscope for neurosurgery, ear nose and throat (ENT) and spinal surgeries (shortens surgery and recovery time by 30%).
  • First hospital in Singapore to successfully perform closure of ventricular septal defect.

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Shouldice Hospital, Thornhill, Canada

Shouldice Hospital runs like a very well-oiled machine. All of your medical staff are so polite, knowledgeable and respectful towards the patients and one another. My stay here was so very comfortable and I have every confidence that I was given the best possible care. Thank you so very much for taking such an interest in my recovery.”

                     Ruth – Etobicoke

            Founded in 1945, Shouldice Hospital is The global leader in hernia repair. Their 99.5% lifetime success rate for primary inguinal hernias sets the gold standard for medical professionals around the world. Shouldice specializes in external abdominal wall hernias.
          Over 65 years of clinical evidence clearly demonstrates that the Shouldice surgical procedure is exceptionally safe and the repair is secure and reliable. Our rate of infection, complications and recurrence is less than 0.5% for primary inguinal. This is the lowest recorded rate in the world. If you think you have a hernia, they offer a walk-in clinic for your convenience. They always recommend that you come to the clinic for an examination, if at all possible. Their surgeons have years of specialized training and experience and are available during clinic hours to provide an expert diagnosis. Their walk-in clinic is available at no direct cost to our patients. If you live more than 1 hour (100 km/60 miles) away from Shouldice, you can submit a medical questionnaire for our surgeons to review.


  • Successfully repairing over 7000 hernias every year results in a level of experience and expertise unequalled throughout the world.
  • Nearly 80% of  patients come to Shouldice because of the positive comments and high level of satisfaction expressed by friends and family treated at its facility.
  • Shouldice Hospital is equipped with 5 operating rooms and 89 hospital beds.
  • All staff surgeons are licensed by the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons and some are also U.S. board certified.
  • The chance of a hernia recurring after a repair at Shouldice is less than 0.5% for primary inguinal hernias, based on data collected from over 300,000 operation


Wooridul Spine Hospital, Seoul, South Korea

Wooridul Hospital - The Specialized General Hospital with Spine Total Care System
- The World Leading Spine Hospital of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery”

         Wooridul Hospital established in Busan in 1982, has been trying to be the world’s leading spine hospital with the state of the art equipment and technology. Based upon minimally invasive treatment principle, Wooridul Hospital has investigated and developed various spine treatments meets or exceeds patients’ expectation for minimal scars and fast recovery.Wooridul now boasts six hospitals, five located in South Korea and one in Shanghai.
       Wooridul Hospital has performed in excess of 50,000 spine surgeries and continually strives to develop advancements in treatment techniques and recovery.
    The hospital maintains and updates state-of-the art medical equipment and world-class facilities.  With more than 20,000 spine surgeries per year, Wooridul is arguably the world’s premier spine hospital.
      Surgeries for which Wooridul Hospital is notable include disectomies, disk fusions, disk replacements and  cyberknife treatments for spinal cancer.
   Wooridul Hospital employs approximately 130 doctors and 1,000 employees.  Wooridul believes in a team approach and each patient is assigned between 4 and 6 doctors to ensure exemplary patient care.Many surgeons are internationally trained.
       Wooridul Hospital is committed to research on spinal conditions and shares its knowledge and experience with the world.  Spine specialists from other countries train at Wooridul through fellowships and Wooridul regularly participates in conferences.
    Wooridul provides global care to patients through its International Patient Center, which assists with airport pickup by an English-speaking employee, transfer service,
interpretation services, and many other services to enhance the patient’s experience at Wooridul.

. Achievements

  • Selected as one of World's Top 10 Hospitals for Medical Tourists by the U.S. Medical Travel Quality Alliance (MTQUA).
  • Acquired A's for all 11 criteria of Medical Institution Evaluation of the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare for two consecutive years.
  • Presented the world's first successful case of 'independent operation on thoracic disc without rib dissection to open thoracic cavity' at 'the Clinical Presentation of the World's Latest Methods of Thracic Disc Operation.'
  • A leader of medical service in Asia and to inpart the advanced medical treatments and technologies of Korea all over the world